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This standard uses a letter to designate the system and four numbers to further identify and detail the malfunction as listed below. diagnostic trouble code ( dtc) overview january 14, The Diagnostic Trouble Code ( DTC) overview is organized according to VAG and SAE ( OBD- II) trouble codes. MIL Switching Conditions A= MIL Triggered on first occurrence B= MIL Triggered on second occurrence C= Non Emission related Fault - Service light only D= Non Emission Fault - No warning light. nThis problem with the p1128 code occurs when you have a bad mass airflow sensor because this problem happened to my vw jetta 1. 8t and i first changed the o2 sensor and the code poped back up so. Home > vw jetta > vw jetta error code p0422 Vw Jetta Error Code P0422. Efficiency Below Threshold ( Bank 1) What does that mean? A vehicles' catalytic converter. I have 03 jetta with rebuilt engine just installed and p0420 code pops up. So I replace both o2 sensors and new cat. What should I do next this code is haunting me and I have to pass az emissions. P0303- P0322 engine codes 3 Answers Was driving in the car all day with the car full well felt the car jerk check engine light came on I turned around to head back home because I was out of town and about 1hour away from home well I. This site contains information to help people solve problems with B5 and B6 Passat turbo diesels. I keep having a P0422 code coming back ( main catalyst below threshold bank 1) I don' t believe the O2 sensors are bad, I believe this means the convert itself, correct? Being the engine wasn' t running properly, I believe it damaged the converter.

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    Jetta error code

    This problem with the p1128 code occurs when you have a bad mass airflow sensor because this problem happened to my vw jetta 1. 8t and i first changed the o2 sensor and the code poped back up so I. VWvortex Forums: Diagnostic Trouble Codes Part 1 Quote, originally posted by bluefox280 » VW DTC P1582 - Idle Adaptation @ Limit Offline Member Sinceposts miami florida Vento 2. 0 AND PUG Project 205 GTI Means the throttle body is starting to clog up and the ECU can' t hold a steady idle. Tech notes As the code description implies the P0422 code means that the vehicle' s control module has detected that the three- way catalytic converter is not working properly ( is not as efficient as the factory is expecting). Code P0422 indicates that the Bank 1 Main Catalytic Converter' s emissions efficiency has fallen below the minimum allowable limit. This threshold is tracked by a Catalyst Monitoring Oxygen Sensor located on or near the outlet of the Catalytic Converter. my daughter' s 1996 jetta just failed inspection, the check engine light is evidently burned out, and code P0422 printed out as the fault. It has 116690 miles on it. What does this code mean and will i. P0422 97 vw jetta I recently bought a 97 jetta with 130k miles.

    the car runs great but the mil is on and im getting a p0422 code the o2s are new as well as plugs wires intake gasket cap and rotor i did use bosch o2s wich im hearing are garbage but other then that i dont know why this light came on theres no noise whe. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. When found in the NAR 1. 8T check TSBoror Pass- Thru equivalent TSB Note: The Passat 26E5 or " R5" recall includes the same software update Make sure the quick release lines for the N80 valve and vacuum line to LDP are not crossed. VW Diagnostic Trouble Codes ( DTCs) and data can be retrieved with VW/ Audi Factory Scan Tools such as the VAG 1551, VAG 1552, or the new diagnostic computer VAS 5051 through a Data Link Connector. Ok, So this TSB HAD been attempted on this seat. The airbag connector is indeed 3 wires, the 2- wire connector runs to the seatbelt buckle. Driver' s seat is untouched, and has two sets of yellow plugs ( 3- wire for the bag, 2- wire for the belt). The code came back anf then replaced the O2 sensor but no actual O2 sensor codes have come up, just the P0422 ( efficiency) code But before the leaks were fixed there was a pending ( If i remember corectly) P0102 MAF circuit low input. I checked the MAF and have not had this one come back yet. When code 4444 or 0000 appears, then either turn off the ignition or reinstall the jumper to end code readout.

    Possible wiring faults should be checked and corrected before replacing a suspected component. If the code is a result of high blowby in the engine, then you need to check your compression ratio. Should the compression ratio be too low, you will need to repair the engine. If you find that your compression ratios are within range, you may need to replace a malfunctioning throttle valve control. On the Jetta, the hissing and trouble code were caused by a cracked vacuum hose. After retrieving a P0411 from the Beetle’ s computer, I started visually checking the vacuum lines. Sure enough, the vacuum hose from the brake booster to the secondary air inlet valve had broken in half. P0422 code definition The P0422 trouble code detects that the efficiency of the main catalyst in the first bank is below the standard threshold. What the P0422 code means The P0422 trouble code is a generic OBD- II trouble code. I have been trowing a P0422 code which is main catalyst below efficiency.

    I recently changed the rear o2 sensor and about 60 miles later the same code came back. Logic dictates that the Cat is bad or there is an air fuel issue. Golf IV / Jetta IV : : 1999 / 2. 0 - Code P0422 Main Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold Has around 173, 000 miles, with a fresh cat installed a couple hundred miles ago. I was getting this code before, that is why I had a new cat installed. Forums > VW and Audi TDI forum, Chevy Cruze diesel forums > VW Mk4 Jetta, Golf, New Beetle, Passat TDI forum >. Import Check Engine Light Codes Listed By Manufacturer Looking to find out more about that trouble code that keeps making the annoying check engine light come on? Got a Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, Subaru or other import vehicle? I had replaced the gas cap a week ago and erased the code, but it came back and i still have the weird hard to start problem after i fill up with gas. Hello Everyone, The time has come for me to renew my Jetta' s registration. I haven' t driven my car in about a month and a half due to my license being suspended. I turned my car on about once a week, for like 10 minutes, during my suspension with no problems. 16806/ P0422/ Main Catalyst: Bank 1: Efficiency Below Threshold Possible Causes. Oxygen Sensor( s) defective Oxygen Sensor( s) Control defective.

    My Volkswagen would not pass emissions, after doing some research I found how to fix it. This saved me a lot of money. I know this is not the best way to fix it, but when you are on a tight budget. Re: P0422 97 vw jetta Post by jeff compton » Fri May 09, 12: 25 pm my own experience is probably based on incorrect application that they are used in ie getting the wrong one at the zone versus the product itself being junk. Safety Information— Import ant Safety Instructions iv! CAUTION Indicates a potentially hazardous situation wh ich, if not avoided, may result in moderat e or minor injury to the operator or to bystanders.