Deviceiocontrol error code 1117

/ Deviceiocontrol- returns- error- 50. an error in the setup to deviceiocontrol. This is very simple program which communicates with the Hard drive to get the information using S. available within the hard drive. The core part is to prepare the command structure and pass it to the device driver which communicates with the hard drive. It uses the DeviceIoControl function. Fixes an issue in which you receive an " ERROR_ IO_ DEVICE" error message when you run an application that calls the DeviceIoControl function together with the IOCTL. I am working with tape drives. I am facing a problem with Scsi Erase for the tape devices. Its giving an Error Code as 1117 representing " The request could not be. Some of the phones the code does not work, when I run the ' sdksert. cab' on the device used for development my code done works on these devices1) I am code signing the device the device. 2) Is int the level of code signing i' m doing? 3) The DeviceIoControl is a call to the driver I believe, so I think it' s getting blocked.

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    Deviceiocontrol code error

    4) The code is in my. Apologies if this should be in the c# forum. Hello, I am experimenting with some basic CDROM control using c# and calling deviceiocontrol. Calling the functions all. Did you set up the rest of spt fields like Length, DataBufferOffset, SenseInfoOffset? Also in the DeviceIoControl call the input / output buffer length is incorrect. · Retrieves the current status of the battery. To perform this operation, call the DeviceIoControl function with the following parameters. DeviceIoControl failed! System Error Code = 0x2, is there some specific reason why i am. GetLastWin32Error returns error code 1117. Thanks for you point out my mistake. When I set the SRB_ CDBLen = 10, the IOCTL will pass. But I have another question about this command.

    In my code, I set data buffer length to the two place. InputBufferLength indicates the size, in bytes, of the buffer, which must be at least sizeof( SRB_ IO_ CONTROL), with additional storage for data if the Length field is nonzero. Hi all, I am trying to enhance my driver' s DeviceIoControl interface to be able to return a variable- length structure back to the user. Welcome to MSSQL Forum! MSSQL Forum - Discussions about Microsoft SQL Server You are currently viewing our community forums as a guest user. Sign up or Login Having an account grants you additional privileges, such as creating and participating in discussions. Good news: we' ve finally been able to identify and fix this issue in version 3. 8 available from the RAM Disk home page. It turns out during processing a SCSI function, namely SRB_ FUNCTION_ EXECUTE_ SCSI with operation code SCSIOP_ SYNCHRONIZE_ CACHE, the driver didn' t handle it and returned STATUS_ INVALID_ DEVICE_ REQUEST to the OS. DeviceIoControl error 1. use DbgPrint liberally to see which function is failing and with what error code.

    Access Violation Error after DeviceIoControl. Windows may display a “ Windows error code” along with the plain language error Windows using an incompatible transfer mode for the hardware. My task is to implement a reliable solution to retrieve the serial number of the hard drive. Unfortunately the WMI method isn' t reliable at all. So I' m looking for another solution. I found an article ( PSS ID # Q139357, dated 96/ 11/ 15) on the MS TechNet CD covering the problem. In my event log I found for each 1117 returned a message. CSS SQL Server Engineers CSS SQL Server Engineers This is the official team Web Log for Microsoft Customer Service and Support ( CSS) SQL Support. Posts are provided by the CSS SQL Escalation Services team. Similar code I have seen in c+ + does an identical thing yet the call to deviceiocontrol succeeds and appropriate sense info is recorded. Anyone have any idea what i might be doing wrong? Any help or suggestions would be welcomed.

    The call DeviceIoContro( ) with IOCTL_ DISK_ GET_ LENGTH_ INFO holds in windows for a minute or more on drives that are not mounted. I am trying to survey and print online drives with their lengths. · 2496290Windows 7 または Windows Server R2 で IOCTL_ DISK_ IS_ WRITABLE 制御コードと共に DeviceIoControl. 1117 ( ERROR _ IO_ DEVICE : I/ O. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Below is complete program that in only 70 lines of code sends a scsi pass through INQUIRY command to the device of your choice. Send inquiry as 6 byte, not 12 if you want complete compatibility. 1996 · I' m using the DeviceIoControl API to interface with a SCSI scanner and I run into error code 1117. DeviceIoControl : Error 1117 on SCSI scanner device:. Function name: [ GetSvcVersion]. Target machine: [ xxx.

    If you’ re running v7. 0 you may see the following message: Error: The remote procedure call failed and did not execute RPC function call failed. English - Windows Version - Questions - Error: 1117 The request could not be performed. - Hard Disk Sentinel, hard disk monitoring software. · DeviceIoControl(. , FSCTL_ LOCK_ VOLUME. OVERLAPPED overlapped; BOOL retDevIoCtrl = DeviceIoControl. that' s the " Invalid Handle" that the error code is. Yes those are issues that seem to have snuck into the test code from some cut and paste operations. The CreateFile actually worked fine - I checked the same in the debugger. Sorry I did not fix that in the test code. DeviceIOControl( ) failing with error 50! ( VirtualSerial)? C) I installed a DeviceIOControl monitor to check why my code is failing with Error 50.

    I have written a benchmark tool that performs lba based read and write to a secondary device[ ata or usb device ]. I used DeviceIOControl for sending IOCTLs to the device. · SQLIOSim – Is Error: Unable to get disk cache info really an error? internal code base it has already been changed to a WARNING. Re: Error: 1117 The request could not be performed. by hdsentinel ». 07: 58 The " Reinitialise disk surface test" performs overwrite of the drive surface with special combinations, which is the effective method to force the re- allocation of bad sectors. Its giving an Error Code as 1117 representing " The request could not be performed because of an I/ O device. status = DeviceIoControl( hTapehandle, IOCTL_ SCSI_ PASS. InfraRecorder CD/ DVD burning solution for Microsoft Windows. Status: Beta Brought to you by: c_ kindahl. SMART_ RCV_ DRIVE_ DATA control code Returns the ATA- 2 identify data, the Self- Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology ( SMART) thresholds, or the SMART attributes for the device. This IOCTL must be handled by drivers that support SMART.

    · DeviceIoControl( HandelUsb, IOCTL_ STORAGE_ GET_ MEDIA_ SERIAL. That error code means that one of the operations you are trying to perform is not valid with the. Hello Thesejm, We understand you have two Intel® SSD 750 2. 5" drives and when both are connected, the system freezes while posting. Based on the information you provided and the troubleshooting performed on your side, we can see that the problem is most likely related to either a power issue or BIOS configuration, this because when you test the drives as single, they both work without issues. 0x45derror_ io_ device Cause This issue occurs because some Small Computer Standard Interface ( SCSI) command conversions for USB floppy disk drives are removed from the Usbstor. sys module in Windows 7 or in Windows Server R2. Q: I am getting Proxy Authentication Required ( code 407) in WebDAV HTTPS jobs. A: This means that your computer is connecting to Internet via proxy and that this proxy requires authentication. How to retrieve SCSI Harddisk Firmware Serial Number using the IOCTL Control Codes in DeviceIoControl Windows API. · I am using acer Win 7 Home Basic. Now I can' t boot my windows due to " NLS Data" missing. So that I used acer recovery tools to restore Factory but I Got a time to time. Retrieves the calling thread' s last- error code value. In the World of Warcraft folder, you will find a program with the name " SystemSurvey.